About DMC

Free Thinker & Photograph

Taking on the World, One Place at a Time

I have long been attracted to the street, its inequalities, its injustices, its looks, its nights… Black and White have always been my favorite colors ! The “Black and White” photo allowed me to highlight excluded people, discarded from our society, to sublimate its forgotten humans by making them the center of a few shots. I can photograph a face, an object, a scene… I try to capture in my lens what attracted me ! My job then is to bring out what makes sense to me and which arouses an emotion. Play on contrasts and light to sublimate the whole or a simple detail.

How I Became a Photographer

I almost became a photographer by chance or without chance at all … A decade ago. The world … how to look at it ? How to see it ? How to show it ? What to say ? What to highlight ? And want to share a point of view My camera around my neck, I wander around without a specific objective… and I observe… I immortalize for a moment; a moment which speaks to me, which speaks volumes.

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