About DMC Photograph

Rediscover a child’s soul, marvel at a sky, a cloud, a tree, a look, a smile. Break down all the facades, all the masks built while growing up to find only the essence of the heart. Rave about the perfection of nature and what it offers; before the immensity of a landscape, the liveliness of the colors of an animal’s coat, the frankness of a look, the radiance of a smile, the timidity of a greeting by the roadside, the joy of a group of schoolchildren traveling kilometers on foot to return… Getting drunk on the raw, free humanity of the authenticity of what jumps out at me !

Black & White Gallery

The black and white photo is what I prefer. This is what allows me to best express what I want to show. It’s beautiful black and white, it shows the essential, without artifice, it highlights the smallest details and gives rise to the greatest emotions in us.

Elephant 2 - Tanzania - DMC Photograph

My Photo Trips

Urban views, landscapes, black & white, animals… Discover my works, check my photo reports.

Urban views


Be wild

Spring Gallery

Here is a selection of my pictures from spring photo sessions. Enjoy !

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